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All-religion public meet condemns polarisation

All speakers criticised govt’s silence over atrocities against minorities and women.

Published: 23 JUL 2017

PANJIM: Cutting across religious lines, people gathered at the Azad Maidan in the capital, to condemn the religious polarisation in the State and the country on Saturday.
The public meeting was organised by Interfaith Alliance for Justice and Peace in Goa with the theme, ‘Plant Justice, Harvest Peace,’ where speaker after speaker condemned the government’s silence over the atrocities against the minorities and women.
Asif Hussain of Peace and Harmony said that the mission of polarisation will continue until 2019. “It is not about minority versus majority, its hate versus love. It is egoistic nationalism versus humanity. It is fascism versus welfare state. And that is why we need to up stand up now,” he stated.
Social activist Soter D’Souza said that the battle doesn’t end with the arrest of one person, therefore the solidarity is not just for any community or state but for the country and for the world.
“The police found something written on Francis’ (Pereira) vehicle as a clue and from there they had a doubt on Francis. Now he has said that in the prison the Israelis taught him all this. And if that is so, the police should see the clue that the communal tensions in the country have an Israeli hand behind them. They (Israelis) are teaching them polarisation in the prisons,” he said.
Journalist Raju Nayak, speaking at the meet, said that all religions have become communal and everyone was in the race to become extreme.
“The time has come to hold them responsible by their ear. Goa’s law and order situation has collapsed. None of the religious communities speak about the atrocities against the women who suffer the most, more than the cows,” he said.
Nayak said that everyone needs to introspect over the need to have religious structure by the road side, every community needs to introspect.
“Let’s create a symbol of religious harmony in Goa so that everyone visiting the state should be able to take it as a souvenir,” he added.
Meenaz Banu, a member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said that while the world wanted to learn a lesson of unity from India, the recent situation is of great concern. “By attacking the sensitive issue there’s an attempt to instigate social disharmony. Today there’s an attempt to instil permanent hatred in the hearts of Hindus,” she stated.
“How can you take away the right given by the constitution of India to every citizen? It is the fundamental right to life which has been envisaged in the Constitution by the law makers,” Dalit activist Chandrakant Jhadhav questioned the right wing organisations.

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