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High-level round table conference held to discuss implementation of Assam accord – ANI News

Assam, Dec 27 (ANI): The years from 1979-1985 saw a period of political instability in Assam. State government collapsed, ethnic clashes and violence broke out and the state was put under the President Rule. Signing of the accord brought an era of agitation to an end but the issue of illegal Bangladeshi migrants continued to rage in Assam. The subsequent governments also failed to implement key clauses of the accord. However, in a recent move, a round table conference was held in state capital Guwahati to ensure all clauses of the accord are implemented and illegal immigrants in the state are detected and deported. The conference was organized under the initiative of Assam Accord Implementation Department in collaboration with North East Political Science Association. Assam cabinet ministers, including officials from Assam Accord Implementation Department, were present during the conference. People from various communities of Assam gathered at the round table dialogue in order to share their opinions on the matter. Speaking on the occasion, CM Sonowal urged people from all sections to come forward with their suggestions and opinions on the issue for better future of the state. Various issues like provision of the constitutional protection of the land and its people, better implementation of the Assam Accord and ways to amend the Clause 6 of the accord were discussed during the conference.

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