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Mumbai to Muslimabad?: Pakistan’s plan to absorb India into Islamic state by 2030

December 31, 2011 : Most of us in the West know that the relationship between Pakistan and India has been strained since the former was created as a state in 1948. But it might come as a surprise to many to learn that the Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI, reportedly has a plan to take over India and to absorb it into a “Greater Pakistan.”

According to Hindu Existence, Pakistan has revised its plans. It had originally believed India could be taken over by 2020. The estimation has now been revised up to 2030.

However, Hindu Existence says that “Pakistan […] has come with some new plans to destabilize India by influencing some developments in the north, west and southern parts of the country, as part of its multi-pronged strategy.”

According to a summary report of the ISI’s plan by the Urdu-language Daily Express, Pakistan’s intelligence agency will attempt to infiltrate and subvert India’s political parties, will infiltrate “Jihadi and Muslim populace into India from neighboring countries,” and will use terrorist attacks to frighten the population. Another strategy is to try to convert en masse Hindus to Islam.


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