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Hindus continue to flee culture of intimidation in Pakistan

March 8, 2012 : At least 10 families have migrated from Sindh every month since 2008, according to the Pakistan Hindu Seva, a community welfare organization. In the last 10 months the exodus out of Pakistan has increased, with 400 families having left. Most have gone to live in India.

According to the Hindustan Times, “Rights activists say the climate is indicative of progressive Islamisation over the last 30 years that has fueled an increasing lack of tolerance to religious minorities, too often considered second class citizens.”

In the province of Sindh — where the majority of Pakistan’s Hindus live — Hindu men have frequently been targeted for kidnapping and ransom demands, while Hindu girls have often been targeted for kidnapping and forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage to a Muslim man. Afterward they are prevented from returning to their family, or from leaving Islam — an offense which, according to all of the schools of sharia, carries the death penalty.

Hindus make up 2.5 % of the population of Pakistan.


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