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Pakistan Minister: 100 non-Muslim girls and women forced to convert to Islam over last few months

By many accounts it’s an underestimation. At least 15-20 Hindu girls are kidnapped, converted to Islam, and forced to marry a Muslim man each month.

In the province of Sindh the number of kidnapped Hindu girls is even higher.

But the issue is beginning to get media and some official attention.

Pakistani Minister for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill says that 100 — predominantly Hindu — women have been forced to convert to Islam in the last few months, although he admitted not knowing the exact figure.

Recently the Supreme Court directed authorities in southern Sindh province to produce, in court on March 26, three Hindu women who were allegedly forcibly converted.

GIll, who’s a Christian, says that he believes forced marriage to be contrary to the rules of Islam, and that he “will seek a religious decree from the Council of Islamic Ideology and a ruling by the Federal Shariah Court on the issue.”


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