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Symposium on 13th October, 2012 “INDIAN WORKERS, LOST IN A GULF OF DESPAIR”

HRDI is organising a symposium to  address  more than 350 reported cases of suicides, committed by Indian workers in Gulf countries last year. HRDI would also take up the issue of  confinement of more than 1200 Indian workers jails of Gulf Countries for petty offences. It would also  analyse the issue of victimisation of Indian female women workers and would try to understand the role of Indian government in interfering and ameliorating this situation.

The symposium shall be held at  Indian Law Institute, Opp. Supreme Court of Indian  on 13 October, 2012 (Saturday ) 10 A.M. on wards.

The leaders of trade unions of India, representatives of ILO, Journalists, Human Rights Activist . lawyers, Judges and representatives of concerned ministries would attend this symposium and would try to find solution to this unaddressed issue.


Rajesh Gogna

Secretary General

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  1. There are human rights violation against the minorities in Pakistan is not acceptable whic is very serious about the kidnapping the Hindu Sindhi girls and converting to Islam. It is against the Humanities to force some one in the name of religion. It has seen every where the girls or women are the most victim in such cases around the world. It shouls be stopped immediately. Only weaker sections of the society is more affected with such incidents like rape, murder, kindnapping, converting to Islam. The Lord Buddha Trust which stand for Human Rights, development and Social Justice condemn such incidents in Pakistan. It is very shameful act. It is against the humanity…It should be stopped immediately. The govt of India should take the initiatives at high level talks to stop the human rights violation against hindus minoroties in pakistan.

    Lord Buddha Trust for Human Rights, Development and Social Justice,
    New Delhi, India.

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