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Secularism In Bengal Back As Boomerang For Public Politicians And Media

April 21, 2012; Asansol: The media after the Indian unrest prior to the transfer of power 1947 hardly had any patriotic role for uplifting nation and society. The media always counted cash from anyway it come through. The most glaring example for the same can be seen during the Jihadist bomb-blasts, rather than telling us the pain of the victim they sympathize the family of the bastard perpetrator jihadists.

But now it seems that the anti-Hindu policy that media propagated and sponsored is back as boomerang to haunt them only!

On 19 April 2012; Talat Shahmeed, the chairman of minority cell of Burdwan District Industrial Congress Committee with a number of supporters handed over a memorandum to the SDO demanding the ICDS recruitment forms to be republished and the advertisements to be given to all the Urdu papers. “Because the advertisements were published in all Hindi, English and Bengali papers, our girls were uninformed and they could not apply. It must be republished and so on all the Urdu papers.”

Talat also blamed that even as the government is giving the Muslims first preference in all sectors, why they are prevented from the mainstream?

Man, this is called “chori aur sinazori”, “ulta chor kotwalko daantein”. The Muslim leaders and their follower mass are so mindlessly hypocrite that none can measure. The mainstream follows Hindi and English or Bengali (of course in West Bengal) be it anyone in Bengal. But muslims want separate aspects in everything, they are demanding those stuffs in Urdu. The communal to the core muslims forced the government for the advent of special law for the Muslims, they don’t follow the law of the nation. They themselves are out-stream and blame others for out-streaming them. Height of hypocrisy!

Now where is the loss of media? Since when media is in loss by the virtue of this pro-muslim secularism praised by them? Knowingly or unknowingly it’s the general public is always in the loss. Public elected those politicians who are hell bent to cut their electors own rights.

Take the case of Mamata’s announcement of giving 3 lakh Krishan credit cards to the Muslim peasants in Basirhat? This comes in a time when the farmers are committing suicide. She urged the public not to sympathize the suiciders. She maligned them as taking crores of rupees as lone and never to pay back. But when it was about the muslim farmers, she forgot that her departments are lacking the fund. She decided to arrange not just one or two, but 3 lakh krishan credit cards. Strange! Mamata Bannerjee and her TMC is probably most interested to feed the most expensive Kabab and Biryani to muslims on return of the starvation of Hindus.

And take the case of the education sector. 10000 Madrasa or the Muslim education centers are about to get government sponsorship. We all know, what the madrasas teach the disciples world-over: terrorism, but perhaps Indian Madrasas have some kind of unexplained magic: they can never be like the others. Ok, in a pseudo-democratic state we are forced to accept the government views. Well, then a large fund is needed to fulfill the promise. Adds to that Mamata’s donation from state-government’s fund, 16 Lakh scholarships to Muslim students. Now in the debt-ridden state who will provide the fund? Answer is simple and obvious, as illustrated on 20 April: government sponsored Khalsa Girls School a Sikh (Hindu) named school was decided to be de-sponsored by government. When the students blocked the Jadubabu Bazar in Kolkata, the principal of the school was threatened by the TMC operatives, many of whom are obvious to be Hindus. Strange morons are these Hindus, they are instructed that cut your throat and you will get mango juice from there. And believe me, Hindus are doing that.

Now our great political intellectuals probably still maintain their secularism. Because they are hardly touched by the grief of public, their safety in their only concern. Then they must revise their views by now. Secularism is back to haunt them too!

Remember the two great Harmad kings? Sushanto Ghosh and Mojed Master? Sushanto Ghosh as being a Hindu only by name was arrested and maligned. What about the same criminal Mojed Master? Nothing.

And now come to the operatives. Lakshman seth was arrested but Shikur Ali was spared. I know, even now the above namesake Hindu, known anti-Hindu communist leaders will stick to secularism and praise it. But truth is truth and they must regret it. Well, at least they are getting what they deserved, I am happy.

So finally the media will probably think, how are they harmed ?

If, all the funds are expended in giving adverts to Urdu newspapers, how will they get any cash? Anandabazar Patrika for its recent clashes with TMC, Aajkal, Ganaskati etc for constant enemity wont get anything anyway. And God prohibits, if funds lack, whih is more than obvious, how will pro-TMC non-Urdu channels get anything anyway????

So media is probably in its way to get what it deserved. It got the secularism-boomerang back to hit it.


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