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Stop ethnic cleansing of Hindu minorities in Pakistan!

Stop ethnic cleansing of Hindu minorities in Pakistan!

Press Statement

New Delhi, May 15:   The growing atrocities on the minority Hindu community in Pakistan  which has been again brought to the fore by recent spate of kidnappings of young Indian girls in Pakistan  is condemnable.

The Human Rights Defence International condemns atrocities on Hindu families in Pakistan as well as the Indian government’s lukewarm response to the same.

It is really unfortunate that for petty political gains, a large spectrum of our political parties are refusing to recognise the fact of persecution of Hindus in Pakistan whereas even the international community has taken cognisance of this fact.

We would like to point out that at the time of independence Hindus formed 15 percent of the population in Pakistan but it has been reduced to 2 % today.

Pakistan taunts the world by denying Hindus and other minorities the right to live with dignity, peace and equality. Take the recent case of a 19yr old Hindu girl (Rinkle) who was abducted from a village near Sindh and has been forcibly converted.

Hindu women in Pakistan are routinely marked, abducted, raped and then converted or killed. The European Organisation  for Pakistani Minorities (EOPM)’s, an international NGO in one of its  recent report has charged that Pakistani army soldiers take away minority women  and keep them as sex slaves.

In many cases the dead Hindus are denied a proper cremation also. Meher Chand  55, arrived in Delhi on Jan 21, 2011 with a delegation of Pakistani Hindus, carrying 135 plastic jars containing ashes of Hindus who had died in Pakistan.

The worst part is the Indian government refuses to recognise Hindu refugees from Pakistan as refugees and is unmoved by their plight. One instance is of Pujari Lal, who fled Peshawar in 1988 after his 14 year old sister was kidnapped and raped he is being denied citizenship in India despite marrying a local resident in Punjab.

There are countless stories each reflecting the plight of minorities in Pakistan and apathy of Indian government. Over 400 Hindu families have fled the country over past 10 months, most of them to India but sadly India has never formally raised the issue with Pakistan Government.

We would like to appeal to all political parties, human rights organisations and citizens of the country to take up this issue  at whichever forum it is possible  so that the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Hindus in Pakistan should be immediately stopped.

Also the government of India should  take up the issue with Pakistani authorities at the highest possible level and ensure that crimes against Hindus must be stopped immediately.

The government of India should also provide shelter to all Hindus who, being victims of the ethnic cleansing drive there, are forced to flee to India to protect their life and dignity. Those who want to stay permanently in India should be granted citizenship.

Rajesh Gogna,

Secretary General,

Human Rights Defense International


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