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The Bhutan Reporter, one of the online from Bhutan, on its 9th November issue, wrote that legal status had been granted to Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB). It has stressed that the children born to Hindu parents opt to change the religion owing to the shortage of Hindu priests and expensive religious rituals during the birth, marriage and death. But it failed to mention how bitterly were/are the Bhutanese Hindus tortured by the One Nation One People policy aimed at demolishing the long persisted religious harmony between Buddhists and Hindus in Bhutan.

If we look at into the history of Bhutanese Hindus, we find that they are the followers of moderate path of religion. No any ideological extremity was being practiced by them when several reports of religious misunderstandings, unrests and clashes were becoming common in neighboring India. They considered king as one of the incarnations of the God and they worshipped him as a supreme power. Motivated by the ethic of spiritual purity, Bhutanese Hindus were, to a greater extent, calm and innocent.

There had been a long run culture of keeping the statues of Buddha, the God of Buddhists and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a same temple. There was no any sign of religious division or discrimination in the country. The same can be found in Hindus of Nepal. All of these Hindus have never forgotten Swayambhu or Boudha, the religious destinations for Buddhists or Lumbhini, the birth place of Lord Buddha when then they were visiting Pashupatinath or elsewhere.

With a view of creating division and developing hatred among the people, the Bhutanese monarch formally coined One Nation One People policy. Sanskrit pathsalas were closed, scholarships to the Sanskrit scholars were terminated, Nepali language books were burnt and Nepali language was thrown away from the curriculum, Hindu rituals were banned and many other things were done to disregard a Hindu. People faced inexplicable hardships in their daily routine only because they were Hindus. This is one of the bitter truths which forced more than one hundred thousand Bhutanese, majority of whom are Hindus, to leave the country for refugee camps in Nepal.

And today the king’s democracy focuses that the religious transformations are primarily due to expensive Hindu rituals during the birth, marriage and death!

Nevertheless, HDSB, which aims to function as a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental foundation in the country, can be a hope to the present Hindu population in the country should it not be motivated by the whimsical dream of the democracy due to the king’s grace to fool the people with the illusion of magic changes.

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