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The Tragic Life of Hindus in Bangladesh;

Hindus in East Bengal:

Hindus in Bangladesh: It may be best described as under:

(i) Hindus under British,

(ii) Hindus under Pakistan,

(iii) Hindus under Bangladesh,

(i) Hindus under British: The British East India Company under the leadership of Robert Clive defeated the Nawab of Murshidabad, Siraj Ud Daulah in the battle of Palase and captured Bengal in 1757. The Capital Calcutta was established by British by fastening the three villages namely Kalikata, Sutanuti and Gobindapur near the ninetieth period of 17th Century. British preferred the Hindus in British administration as the power was captured from a Muslim Ruler. Bengali Hindus of Bengal became the most powerful wings of British administration. Thus the Hindus of Bengal flourished in education, administration, knowledge, culture and even in sports. The Hindus of Bengal became the most powerful sections of the British administration. The impact of power even spread to every activity of the society. The Bengal experienced a period when it was dangerous for a beautiful girl to move in the streets of capital. To save the society from the onslaught of tyranny Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced Brahma Samaj, the ideals of which covered the beauty of fair sections of the society from public exposure. However, that was the glorious period of Hindus of Bengal particularly the Hindus of 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

(ii) The Hindus under Pakistan:The Independence movement of India was started under Indian Congress near the end of 18thCentury. The Bengali Hindus of Bengal took the most active part in the Independence movement in the beginning of the ninetieth century both in front as the front runner of non violent movement and in secret as the torch of sabotage work against the British administration. To safe guard the British Empire, the British shifted the Capital from Bengal to Delhi and reduced the new recruit of Hindu Bengali in the administration and simultaneously began to favoring Muslims. Jinnah took the advantage of the situation during the course of time to take a part of Bengal to form East Pakistan. Under the temptation of administering the British India, the then Indian leader Pandit Jaharwarlal Nehru agreed to the proposal of the division of India in spite of the opposition of Mahatma Gandhi. Pakistan was formed making Islam as its religion and thus the newly born State was formed only for the Muslims. As a birth place, Hindus can live there as a mercy of the State machinery. Thus the born and bred by birth, the Hindus of East Bengal became a second class citizen of his or her birth place. The rioting took the upper hand under the new administration of Pakistan. Lakhs of Hindus became refugee and fled to India for safety. It was the policy of the Pak administration to root out the Hindus from Bengal. There was a district in East Pakistan called Noakhali where Hindus were majority to the extent of 95%. The subsequent rioting has reduced the number to less than 10%. This was the result of the impact of administration of Islamic East Pakistan. While the district Murshedabad under India of West Bengal was a majority of Muslims to the extent of 70%. Today the Muslim population in the district had risen to 90%. This was the result of the impact of administration of Secular India. Hindus of Bengal who fought to the extreme for Independence of India have no place to live in with full right even in India. This was the most tragic part of Hindus of East Bengal. Many of the Hindus had left the country and taken asylum in Canada and in other western countries. Their plight is comparable with that of Israelis.

(iii) Hindus under Bangladesh: Islamic religion has established the Muslim supremacy in Bangladesh but at the cost of the downfall of the economy. Unless the economy of the State is strong and sound the standard of living condition of its citizen can be improved. The economy of a country had risen only when every citizen sincerely devote themselves for the development of the country. India’s economy had shown a rising trend because every citizen of India is a part and parcel of India by law, by constitution and by what not. America is a country of proud Nation because every citizen irrespective of black and white is a well wisher as well as a soldier of the nation. Bangladesh is realizing the economic plight and the present government’s farsightedness had shown the reasons for the good relation with India which the administration had founded the best way to economic progress. Hindus of Bangladesh is also treated as an asset of Bangladesh even though constitutionally equal right is denied till now.

The emergence of Bangladesh:

The leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Awami League was instrumental in the creation of Bangladesh in the year 1971. He was successful to bring an uprising in East Pakistan which was exploited by the Islamabad administration of West Pakistan since its birth. The then Pak President Yahva Khan had launched a military assault on East Pakistan which caused about ten million refugees fleeing to neighboring India. India intervened and liberated Bangladesh. Thereby the influence of Pakistan was reduced to a great extend apart from the existence of religious bonding of affinity. The administration of Bangladesh changes time to time and as such the relation with India. The administration of present government appears to be different than the previous Rulers and hence a much of the development is expected in the region and a curtailment in the activity of terrorism in consonance with global situation. The PM of Bangladesh has made a visit to Bhutan to improve the good relation with the neighbor countries in difference to Pakistan. This is a good beginning in the development of economic progress.

The present Economic plight of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is one of the poorest of poor country in the world. The people are not starving because of the fertile land of Bangladesh. Lack of Industry and over population has caused the development standstill besides the continuous unrest in the country in the process of administration. Two days after the landslide victory in the Bangladesh election in December last year, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed declared “I want to make this point very clear, no one will be allowed to use this land to carry out terrorism in India”. Before the year is out, Sheikh Hasina has begun to deliver on her promise. The handing over of Arabinda Rajkhowa, the Chairman of militant insurgent group ULFA to India is a major event to establish a good relation with India and set the green signal for economic cooperation. Hasina has been invited for Indira Gandhi Prize for peace, Disarmament and Development. Militant immigrants from Bangladesh to India are likely to be stopped for ever. The cricket match between India and Bangladesh has gained a ground for improved relationship between the two countries.

The Cultural affinity brings Unity:

Since the formation of Capital by the British Emperor, the center of Indian culture and trade were shifted from Delhi to Calcutta. There is difference in the religion of the majority of two Bengal. The religion Islam is in Bengal of Bangladesh while the religion in West Bengal of India is Hinduism. Apart from the difference in religion there exists a strong affinity in the sphere of culture of two Bengals. A large number of celebrities of Bangladesh are regularly visiting the epical center of Bengali culture Calcutta now newly named as Kolkata. This has emerged a bond of unity between two Bengals shattered by the past events of sectarian interest and exploited by the politics of Indian subcontinent.


A Victim of Bangladeshi Citizen:

She was Jhosna Roy, daughter of Late Ramchandra Roy who was born and brought up in the village Dullai, who could not see the light of imparting education either in School or in any college attending any colleges either in Capital Dacca or the district town of Sylhet, not because of economic dirt but because of insecurity of life leaving in the faith of Hinduism in the atmosphere of Islam. Her father did not deter her from education but taught her himself at home and sent her to set in the examination and finally qualified her to be a graduate. But alas! She had been married with a boy, Ramdhan Roy, an Engineer of the same village who had flown to USA and living there since long. It was the destiny of her life that has not even seen a town till graduation but all on sudden had flown herself to a distant place US, so to say a heaven of Nation. It is the Hindus in general release a sigh of relief to see their siblings leaving in western counties to get free from the regular irritating torture of second class citizen of the country of birth even though they could not see and share their affection at ease because of distance and expense of long journey. She is now an American Citizen living in South Kerolina with two sons and a daughter maintaining the Hindu traditions of living with a bond of affinity with sons and daughter and caring for all the time with regular communication of attraction.


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