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Consolidation of Bhutanese movement

Date: June 13th 2012

Joint Press Release

The National Front for Democracy in Bhutan (NFD-Bhutan) and Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Representatives’ Committee (BRRRC) saw several splits in the Bhutanese movement in absence of a unique leader of height and weight. Up on release of Mr.Rizal from Bhutan jail several attempt were made to convince him to give leadership to a unified forum for the people was materialized and declared formation of the Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee(BMSC) on March 2, 2006 aiming at consolidating Bhutanese movement for democracy in the long term interest of the people aspiring for repatriation and democracy in Bhutan. Since the central motive of that initiative was to induct Mr. Teknath Rizal, Chairman of People’s Forum for Human Rights in Bhutan into the mainstream of Bhutanese movement in support of all the political parties and other social organizations, he was unanimously elevated to the portfolio of BMSC Chairperson. It was the firm belief, trust and expectation of everybody that under his leadership the long anticipated repatriation with honor and dignity, and the movement for democratic changes within the country will be accelerated.


Today, a large number of Bhutanese people have been compelled to opt for third country resettlement while majority of the population continue waiting for their rightful repatriation. Back in Bhutan, introduction of so-called democracy in a dramatic manner has on the other hand compelled the people to live perpetually, a life of medieval period. For the last two decades, over two hundred and fifty political prisoners are languishing in the Bhutanese prisons under sub-human conditions in absence of cohesion in the movement that could seek for their release. Against all the pseudo changes in the country, and making of efforts to introduce dramatic changes one after another at global scale by the despotic regime, the BMSC deliberately failed to discharge its responsibility, thereby failing in the duties of Chairman as the highest responsible portfolio holder in the Bhutanese movement. Everyone committed to the movement has high expectations from the Chairman given the suffering he went through in the prison back in the country. However, it is an irony that the single mindedness in attitude and non – transparency in his action and behavior has compelled majority of the constituent members of the steering committee to be disappointed. We patiently waited and expected for the reformation in his work and behavior. In contrary, neither we find any changes in his working style and attitude nor did he take any initiative to bring back those friends who have been very important assets in the steering committee. He never took into consideration any suggestion given by the important allies in the committee.


After holding a couple of meetings at the beginning, the Chairman never thought it important to call any meeting of the steering committee.However, he continued to misuse the name and portfolio of the steering committee without any consideration or hesitation. He never thought it important to give clarification on the news published by the Nepal’s national newspapers that alleged him of receiving a huge financial assistance from different units and organizations in the name of Bhutanese movement. Instead, he claimed such funds as his personal gain and embezzled them without even making it accountable and transparent to the members of the committee. In view of such behaviors, which was never expected of from Mr.Teknath Rizal, we have now come to the conclusion that neither we need the steering committee nor his leadership for the Bhutanese movement.


Therefore, we, the undersigned constituent members including the National Front for Democracy in Bhutan (NFD-Bhutan), comprising of Bhutan People’s Party, Druk National Congress (Democratic) and Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front (BGNLF), Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Representatives’ Committee (BRRRC) along with theirsister organizations associated with the BMSC, as its organizational members, have decided to declare dissolution of the BMSC with effect from today in order to avoid any further corruption in the name of unified Bhutanese movement under his leadership. Through this Joint Press Release, the undersigned members take the opportunity to inform you all that we will seek opinions and suggestions from other political parties to take the future course of action and come to you at the earliest possible.





Balaram Paudyal                                                               Rinzin Dorji

President                                                                          Vice President

Bhutan Peoples Party                                                          DNC-Democratic                                              

+977 9843076253                                                                    023563190



D.B. Rana Sampang                                                                 Dr. Bhampa Rai

President                                                                                  Chairman

BGNLF                                                                                     B R R R C

023 562291                                                                       023581470




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