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No World Cup on back of exploited labour,HRW tells Qatar

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has warned that Qatar’s World Cup stadiums may be built using an exploited labor force of migrant workers in Qatar and urged the country to reform its employment laws.

On Tuesday, the International human rights organization issued a statement urging soccer’s ruling body FIFA and the Qatari government to honor their commitment to the reform of employment laws for migrant workers ahead of the 2022 World Cup and saying there is concern that stadiums will be built using an exploited labor force in the Persian Gulf emirate.
“The government needs to ensure that the cutting-edge, high-tech stadiums it’s planning to build for World Cup fans are not built on the backs of abused and exploited workers,” HRW Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson said in the statement.
The statement added that hundreds of thousands of mostly South Asian workers are at risk of serious abuse in Qatar.
Workers have reported a range of problems, including unpaid wages, salary deduction, unsanitary camps, and passport confiscations.
Qatar has announced multi-billion-dollar projects for the event. It plans to spend $11 billion on a new international airport, $5.5 billion on a deepwater seaport, $1 billion for a transport corridor, and $20 billion on roads in the capital, Doha.
Migrant workers make up 94 percent of Qatar’s workforce.

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