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Human Rights Defense (India) (, committed to the concerns of Indian Diaspora, was formed in the year 2005 to protest issue of Capt. Manniam Murthy who was buried as Muslim by Government of Malaysia despite being a practicing Hindu. HRDI send protest petitions to the Govt. of Malaysia and also got response from them promising appropriate relief to the kith and kin of Capt. Murthy. The delegation of HRDI also met the High Commissioner of Malaysia in India to protest discrimination and marginalisation for Indian Diaspora in Malaysia .

In the month of January, 2006, HRDI invited Justice Vighneshwaran, Judge, Supreme Court of Sri Lanka to appraise us about  the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We also moved protest petition with the Government of Sri Lanka demanding protection of Human rights of Indian Diaspora in Sri Lanka.

In the year 2007, HRDI  invited Mr. Gian Singh, the then Human Rights Minister of Pakistan who addressed the problems being faced by 33 Lacs Hindus in Pakistan. The paper “Human Rights Violations of Religious Minorities in Pakistan” authored by Mr. Rajesh Gogna, the Secretary General of HRDI was published by Global Human Rights Defense, Hague, Netherland. Kindly visit for reading the report.

HRDI also invited Mr. Rabinder Ghosh, Human Rights Activist of Bangladesh and organized his talks. We also invited Mr. Waitha Murthi, Chairman of Hindu  Rights Action Force to apprise us about the plight of Hindus in Malaysia. HRDI also invited Dr. Richard Benkin, Noted Jew thinker and supporter of Hindus in Bangladesh and arranged his talks.

HRDI also organized programs in Association with Tibet Youth Council to protest Human rights violation in Tibet. The conference organised by HRDI was attended by 3 members of Parliament of the Government of Tibet in Exile. Mr. J.M. Mukhi, Tibet Expert and Advisor to the Government of India led the campaign organised by HRDI.

HRDI also initiated the campaign for the extension of visa of Taslima Nasreen. Mr. Muchukand Dubey, Former Foreign Secretary and Mr. Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament, led our campaign. Our efforts were appreciated by Taslima Nasreen and HRDI also received letter of appreciation from Taslima. With the efforts of HRDI, the visa of Taslima Nasreen was extended.

HRDI also organized program in Support of Prof. T.J. Joseph whose hand was chopped off by Islamists in Kerala for alleged blasphemy. Sister Marry Stall, sister of Joseph also addressed the symposium. The services of Prof. Joseph were restored with the efforts of HRDI. Kindly read the speech of Sister Stella, narrating the unfortunate incident and appreciating the efforts of HRDI at our website

HRDI organized symposium “Kashmiri Pundits – victims without a voice” at Constitution Club of India in support of Kashmiri Pundits. Programme was attended by Top Kashmiri artists such as Mr. Veer Munshi, Mr. M.K. Raina , Mr. Ravinder Ravi and International Expert Mr. Franceo Goiter.

HRDI also organised in the year 2011 International Seminar “Hindus in Pakistan – Crises of Existence” addressing the plight of Hindus in Pakistan which was addressed by Mr. Ram Singh Sodha, MLA, Pakistan and Mr. Jaswant Singh, Former Foreign Minister, Government of India. Mr. Shiv Khera, Internationally Renowned Motivator also supported our efforts by addressing the symposium. Kindly visit our website to read the report of the seminar.

HRDI also organised Refugee Camp of Hindu refugees from Pakistan at Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi in the month of November 2012. Our camp was widely covered by media. The issue of Pakistani Hindus came at centre-stage. Sri Sri Ravishanker, Mr. Tarun Vijay , two Member of Parliament from Malaysia and many more important personalities visited the camp. Three documentaries were made about the refugee camp organised by HRDI.

An International Conference “Human Rights concerns of Indian Diaspora” was organised by HRDI on 23rd – 24th February 2012 .  Sri Sri Ravishankar inaugurated the conference. It was attended by the representatives of 13 Countries. The report of the conference is available at the website of HRDI .

HRDI also organised symposium “Married but not legally wedded” at V.K. Krishna Menon Bhawan on 29th February, 2012. The symposium was inaugurated by Ms. Meira Kumar, Hon’ble Speaker Lok Sabha and was chaired by Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, Judge, Supreme Court of India. Book of the same title, authored by Ms. Jyotika Kalra, Director Research of HRDI and Dr. Charu WaliKhanna, Member, National Commission of Women was also released by Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra.

HRDI also organised demonstration at Sri Lanka High Commission in the month of April 2012 to protest the commission of war crimes in Sri Lanka. The delegation of HRDI also met the High Commission of Sri Lanka and presented the protest petition. Kindly visit our website for report and pictures of demonstration.

HRDI organised  a symposium “Bhutanese refugees – the tragic story of forgotten people” on 14 July 2012 at Indian Law Institute. All important organisation concerned with the issue of Bhutanese refugees participated . Kindly see the report of the symposium  to know more about the plight of Bhutanese refugees, the details of the symposium and the speakers of the symposium.

HRDI organized an International conference addressing the Human Rights of Indian workers in Gulf on 13th  October, 2012 at New Delhi. The conference was attended by the representatives of all workers unions in India and representative of International Human Rights organisation. Kindly visit our website to know more about the plight of Indian workers in Gulf and to see the poster and report of the symposium.

HRDI is going to organize a demonstration at Bangladesh High Commission on 5th November 2012 to protest ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Buddhist and other religious minorities in Bangladesh. HRDI would also protest destruction of 22 Buddhist Temples in Bangladesh in the month of October 2012.

3rd International Conference about the Human Rights Concerns of Indian Diaspora would be organised by HRDI on 10th January 2013 at New Delhi. We are expecting participation from more than 25 countries representing Indian Diaspora.

HRDI is a non-political organisation and committed to the concerns of Human Rights of Indian Diaspora and violations of Human Rights where ever they occur. We depend upon donations from individual and organisation for our infrastructure expenses and the events we organise.

Your help would be appreciated and help us to further our activities.

Rajesh Gogna

Secretary General,

Human Rights Defense (India)

M- 099 11 2222 51

L- 011 2371 8929

   011 2373 8929


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