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After years of wandering and suffering hatred and rage of fanatics who never
forgive a woman for being free and for saying so, Taslima Nasrin, a Bengali
writer, found refuge in Indiaand simultaneously  rediscovered the pleasure of
living in a country where she could be read in her language. Despite the fact
that tens of thousands of enraged
people called for her head and burned her effigies, our Free and Secularcountry
protected her against death and intimidation and this bounteous gesture was
expected from our country being the champion of Human Rights and protector of
freedom of thought and expression. This act of the Government of India was well
appreciated by the Civil Rights activists around the world.
The Indian visa given to Taslima is going to expire on the 17th of August, and
the highest authorities have apparentlytaken the decision not to extend the same
under the pressure from religiousfanatics.This apprehension, if correct,  boils
down to vindicating the religiousfanatics and    punishing Taslima bydepriving
her of the right to live in this country, that she loves and that she chose as
her Karmabhoomi. The demand of fanatics, if accepted, would give a terribly
wrong signal to those individuals and institutions who genuinely  believe in
democratic values and stand for freedom of thought and expression and  It would
simultaneously encourage religiousfanatics who are biggest threat to the
democratic fabric of this country.

Our country, the land of Mahatama Gandhi, knows better than anyone the
importance of defending those who dare to disobey peacefully.
Taslima is among these disobedients. She represents a hope for all who dream of
peacefully liberating themselves from traditions and beliefs that keep women in
a form of segregation. We stand to defend that hope .

We the members of Human Rights Defense ( India ) support the cause of Taslima
and call upon all right thinking persons to call upon Government of India not to
cede to the blackmail and  violence of fanatics and extremists and most
respectfully request the Hon. Prime Minister not to punish Taslima on account of
their intolerance.

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