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Press Release of the symposium “Bhutanese Refugees- Tragic Story of Forgotten People “

The Editor,

HRDI is organising symposium “ Bhutanese Refugees- the tragic story of forgotten people” to address the plight of 1,30,000 ethnic Hindu minority of Bhutan , which formed one-sixth of its population and was forcibly exiled by the state to suffer torture, hopelessness, despair and loss of political status and thereby making Bhutan the only county in the world that has the highest percentage of population living as refugees outside its boundaries.

Symposium would be held at Indian Law institute, New Delhi opp. Supreme Court of India on 14th July 2012 , 10.00 A.M. onwards.


The speakers include:-

  • Mr. S. Sital, Chairman, Global Human Rights Defense, Hague, Netherland.
  • Prof. Anand Kumar, Political Sociologist, JNU


  • Dr. Bhampa Rai, Chairman, Bhutan Refugees Repatriation Committee, Nepal


  • Mr. Karma Chhojey, President, Druk National Youth Congress, Nepal


  • Mr. D. P. Kafley, General Secretary, People’s Forum For Human Right, Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal


  • Mr. Tarun Vijay, Member Of Parliament


  • HH S.A.R.P.V. Chaturvedi, Chairman, Ramanujan Trust, Chennai


  • Mr. Anand Swroop Verma, Chairman, Bhutan Solidarity, India


  • Dr. M. Mahalingam, Research Fellow, Centre For Policy Analysis


  • Mr. Arun Anand, Journalist and Political Analyst


  • Mr. O.P.Gupta, Ambassador and Diaspora Expert



Kindly visit our website to know more about the plight of Hindu refugees from Bhutan.

Kindly send your photographer and reporter to cover the event.

Rajesh Gogna


Secretary General

Human Rights Defense International
















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