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UPCOMING : Third HRDI International Conference on Human Rights Concerns of Indian Diaspora

“The subject of overseas Indians is one which is very dear to our hearts. Everyone of Indian origin, overseas, is a representative of India and retains many aspects of our cultural traditions and civilization. Though our sons and daughters have gone abroad to work or to reside there, India will never disown them or fail to appreciate and respect their essential loyalty to the culture and heritage of the mother country.”

                                                                              — Atal Behari Vajpayee in 1978

Be as entrepreneurs, scientists, economists, scholars, writers, social workers, public figures and national leaders, the Indian Diaspora has made a distinctive impact on everyone of the countries in which they live by virtue of their loyalty, dedication, hard work and success. Today, by common consent, the Indian Diaspora is a force to reckon with and constitute as the national reserve and resource of India. The first Indian immigrants that settled in countries far and wide and from east to west over hundreds of years ago. This Umbrella does not only encompass over 20 Million people with Indian blood background, it is the most vibrant community aboard.

Despite reaching so great heights in the Land of their Settlement, we always come across the trouble, insult and complete violation of the human rights, just for the reason of them being Indian in origin. The right to worship, and gather for solidifying their Indian-ness is very often disturbed violently. Indian Diaspora in the various parts of the world are subject to discrimination, terror, murder and other forms of violence, forced conversions, ethnic cleansing, temple destruction, socio–‐political ostracization, and disenfranchisement. In some countries, fundamentalists from other religions advance a discriminatory and non-inclusive agenda, and promote hatred of religious and ethnic minorities in league with politicians and other government officials.

The HRDI is committed to create great potential of the human connectivity of the global Indian family. Therefore, our next Conference highlights these burning issues at the forthcoming 3rd International HRDI Conference on Human Rights Concerns of Indian Diasporas in World. You are kindly invited to spread this event to be held on January 10, 2013. You are also invited to join this Conference to be attended by a large chunk of NRIs coming to India on the occasion of Pravasi Diwas.   The details of eminent speakers on this occasion shall be sent to you very soon.

Please reply to us by providing your email id and show of interest in this Event.  Please visit our website in this regard.

Looking forward to meeting you and greet you!

Rajesh Gogna

Secretary General, HRDI



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  1. Sir Kindly give me an opportunity to attend this seminar. I will be grateful to you. thanks, I have sent e mail to ur HRDI website.

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