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Ex-Pak human rights minister Burney condemns demolition of temple in Karachi

karachi, Mon, 03 Dec 2012ANI

Karachi, Dec. 3 (ANI): Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, has strongly condemned the demolition of a century-old Hindu temple in Karachi and has demanded strict action against the builder.

The demolition of the Sri Rama Pir Mandir located in the city’s Soldier Bazar on Saturday by a builder had triggered large-scale protests by human and civil rights activists and the Hindu community in Pakistan, reports the Daily Times.

Along with the temple, the builder also razed down a couple of adjoining houses due to which almost 40 Hindu people were rendered homeless.

Burney said the builder not only demolished the temple but in a blasphemous act, his workers also showed disrespect to the idols of Hindu deities placed inside the temple.

“Everyone should be free to practice his religion and it is the duty of government to ensure the safety and security of minorities living in Pakistan,” Burney said.

“The builder claims that the land, where the temple is constructed have been encroached upon, even if it is so, the builder should not have demolished the temple as a good humanitarian gesture,” he further said.

He said many Hindu families of Pakistan had already migrated to India due to alleged persecution and humiliation on the hands of fundamentalists.

Burney said he would take up the issue with local authorities so that the minority Hindu community gets justice. (ANI)

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