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Indian Americans Provide Financial Aid to Widows and Orphans in Vidarbha

Bangalore: A group of young Indian Americans have taken up the challenge to provide financial support to the farmland widows and orphans of Vidarbha, the eastern region of Maharashtra, reports IANS.

The group got inspiration from a media story about a Parsi couple from Mumbai who donated an amount of 1 million to farmers in Vidarbha, who were undergoing depression due to crop failure.

Suresh Ediga, a Hyderabadi settled in New Jersey leads the group. “Suresh, along with like-minded NRI friends, have decided to adopt 10 widows and give them around US$ 4,000 (200,000) to take care of their requirements,” Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) chief Kishore Tiwari told IANS.

“We requested VJAS to provide us with a list of the 10 most needy widows, orphans or families. We have already sent the first instalment of 80,000 and shall send the remaining amount shortly,” Ediga said.

Ediga expressed his shock and concern over the condition of Vidarbha farmers and he also added that many people, including NRIs in the U.S. does not have much idea about the situation faced by widows and orphans in Vidarbha.

“After getting the list from VJAS, I sent out an appeal to my friends on social networking sites and many of them responded enthusiastically. This is our humble contribution to the great work being done by activists like Kishore Tiwari,” Suresh said.

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