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Skilled Immigrants Would Boost Up U.S. Economy : Indian-Americans

Bangalore: The U.S. should find ways to come out of recession by granting more H-1B visas to lure skilled immigrants in order to enhance its ailing economy, said top Indian-American experts to lawmakers.

Vivek Wadhwa, director of research, Pratt School of Engineering, DukeUniversity said “If you look at all the data, every single study that’s been done, it shows that when you bring skilled immigrants in they create jobs. Right now, we’re in an innovation economy. Skilled immigrants are more important than ever, not only to create jobs, but to make us innovative and help us solve major problems,” as reported by PTI.
He added “So bring the right people in and you will make the pie bigger for everyone, and we can bring in more unskilled as well because we will have a bigger economy. We need them.”

Wadhwa told U.S. lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on immigration convened by the House Judiciary Committee that “The population of America will decline unless we, you know, keep immigration going, at least at the pace that it is.”

Puneet Arora, vice president, Immigration Voice said it’s essential to guard American workers and at the same time have a strong immigration system where skilled immigrants can come in and fill actual needs.Arora was quoted by PTI saying, “One of the problems that we have today is that we’ve restricted the mobility of the skilled workers that come into the country. They are trapped in jobs for long periods where promotions can be denied, where they have no way of going to another employer that’s willing to offer a market wage or advancement based on the experience that they’ve gained over a period of time and towards the skills that are really required where the demand for jobs is.”

Important measures pushed by the Indian-American experts included substantial jump in H-1B visas, eradicating country specific caps for legal permanent residency, automatic green card to those earning Master’s and doctorate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Arora said “We’re extremely encouraged by the introduction of the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013 in the Senate and we really hope that a similar bipartisan bill will be introduced in the House. This innovation economy is global and the ripe export markets and the foreign professionals in America creating products for these markets will not wait forever.”

He also added “We’re in the middle of a major reinvention. Our competitors are rising. Immigrants are fleeing. We have to fix the immediate problem of skilled immigrants, the million skilled immigrants legally here waiting for green cards. We don’t talk about them. We need to fix that ASAP, and we need to do the other things you’re talking about, without doubt. But we can’t wait on the million, because they’re leaving. And America is bleeding talent right now,” reported PTI.

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