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Government responsible for plight of Pakistani Hindus: Rajnath Singh

Published: Saturday, Feb 2, 2013, 19:53 IST
Place: New Delhi | Agency: IANS

Rajnath Singh

BJP president Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the Indian government was responsible for the plight of Hindus in Pakistan as it never expressed its resentment against the exploitation of the community by fanatics in that country.

“It is our government which is responsible for the deplorable plight of Pakistani Hindus. It should react strongly to the injustice and cruelty inflicted on them,” Rajnath Singh said at a discussion forum, organised by non-profit research organisation India Policy Foundation.

He also demanded Indian citizenship for Hindu refugees from Pakistan who have been living in India.

“We are all aware of the sufferings of Pakistani Hindus who fled Pakistan to save their lives. They have been living here in abysmal conditions. India should grant citizenship to these people,” the BJP chief said.

The recently-elected president of the Bharatiya Janata Party stressed the need to have a “well-defined” refugee and rehabilitation policies for Pakistani Hindus.

Other participants included senior French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet and Syed Faisal Ali, group head, Sahara Urdu Publication.

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