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Refugee murder accused arrested

Added At: 2013-01-20 11:53 PM Last Updated At: 2013-01-20 11:53 PM
BIRATNAGAR: Police today made public 24-year-old Dawa Tamang, accused of murdering Buddhi Maya, a pregnant Bhutanese refugee in Morang’s Sanischare-based Bhutanese Refugee Camp nine months ago.

Dawa made public in a press conference organised in Area Police Office, Pathari. Six-month pregnant Buddhi Maya Rai of Refugee Camp’s Sector 1, Hut No 65, was shot dead on May 2, 2012.

Buddhi Maya’s husband, Parshuram had been injured in the incident. Dawa had randomly shot Rai couple when they were asleep at night.

Parshuram is in the United States now through the Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Programme. He left the country two months ago.

Police had arrested Dawa, who used to live in the same Camp’s Sector E1, Hut No-39 on Thursday. Inspector Keshav Bhattarai said during the interrogation Dawa had confessed to shooting Rai couple.

Police had arrested Dawa from Jhapa’s Beldangi Refugee Camp, said Inspector Bhattarai. “We had initially held Dawa for illegal possesion of a pistol, but in the course of investigation it was found that he was involved in Buddhi Maya’s murder,” he added.

Police said quoting Dawa, “My plan was to kill Parshuram as he had been planning to betray me by falsely implicating me, but my plan failed as his wife died instead of him,” adding, “When I reached their hut both of them were asleep, I shot both of them, coincidentally Parshuram survived the attack while his wife died.”

“It took me a long time to buy the pistol, learn to use it and to hatch the murder plan,” police quoted Dawa as saying.

Dawa, however, has not revealed about the owner of the pistol from whom he had bought the pistol, said Inspector Bhattarai. Police further said that action would be taken against Dawa after further investigation.

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