1. respected sir,
    this is bharat,from orissa state, i came to know the detail story of rinkle kumari, i am realy shocked and depressed to read this. now i am compleetely harassed as conversion is also prevailing in india, somany girls are also regularly converted in india,so pl. stop all these stupid things as soon as possible. we are all with you.

    pl. give justice to rinkle kumari otherwise nobody will believe in hinduism,pl for god shake help her. the rule should made in india that nobody should convert into muslim from hindu, it should be strictly banned.without parents consent their child should not convert into islam .this rule should be implemented. pl. sir once again save her and all other hindu girls,, from conversion iam compleetely with you .

    one or important thing pl. try to last moment to bring rinkle kumari and her family to india at any cost and give them indian citizenship. we are all with you ‘

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