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Press Release of HRDI Demonstration at Pakistan High Commission at New Delhi


Worldwide demonstrations call for rescue of Rinkle in Pakistan
New Delhi, February 24: Giving a clarion call for rescue of 18-year-old Rinkle Kumari, a hapless Hindu girl kidnapped and brutalized by a Pakistani politician with support of the establishment, thousands of human rights activists gathered in front of Pakistan’s High Commissions, consuls and embassies in several parts of the world today as a part of a campaign “Remembering Rinkle” launched by the Human Rights Defense International, an organization that takes up causes of violations of human rights of Indian diaspora in various parts of the world.
In India, demonstrations were held in Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Gandhinagar and Indore. Hundreds gathered in London, Sydney, New York, Nairobi also to protest the apathy of Pakistani authorities.
The on ground campaign was preceeded by an online campaign to mark the first anniversary of the kidnapping of Rinkle who was kidnapped on 24 Feb, 2012 last year.
The protesters gathered at Teen Murti Bhavan in Delhi on 24 February at around 1 pm with banners and placards protesting the inaction of Pakistani authorities and demanding rescue of Rinkle. AN HRDI delegation headed by its Secretary General Rajesh Gogna also handed over a memorandum to Pakistan High Commission demanding immediate release and rescue of Rinkle.
“Pakistan is mistreating its Hindu minorities and there is no one who can raise a voice for them. The case of Rinkle is itself an indicator of the hell Hindus have to live through everyday in Pakistan We want Pakistan authorities to immediately ensure restoration of human rights of the Hindus there and this could very well begin by rescuing Rinkle,” Mr Gogna said.
“We are hoping that just as in case of Malala, the international community would take note of the case of Rinkle and save her from the onslaught of fundamentalist forces in Pakistan,” he added.

Naresh Sharma
Press Coordinator,
Human Rights Defense International (HRDI)

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