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Appeal of Demonstration of HRDI at Pakistan High Commission at New Delhi

Even as the whole world got together to support the recovery and rehabilitation of brave heart Malala, the Pakistani girl who got shot for opposing the fundamentalists, the case of Rinkle Kumari continues to crave for the desired attention it should have got. Rinkle, a young Hindu girl has been the victim of brutality of patriarchal society of Pakistan where scant regard is paid to rights of minorities especially girls and women. The girl, Rinkle, has been betrayed by the Pakistani authorities including its judiciary. An year ago on 24th Feb. 2013, Rinkle, a resident of Sindh province in Pakistan was kidnapped by Iftikhar Chaudhary, a Member of Pakistani parliament belonging to Social Democratic Party. She was forcibly converted to Islam. Ironically, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, when requested to intervene, supported the forcible conversion of Rinkle to Islam and asked her to go back to Iftikhar Chaudhary. The ruling party of Pakistan “People’s Party” also backed Iftikhar Chaudhary. For around an year Rinkal is being the victim of untold brutalities at Iftikhar Chaudhary’s home with no relief seemed to be coming her way. Her present is bleak and future would be even bleaker if she is not rescued and restored to her family. To ensure this, all of us must help in whatever way we can to build a worldwide opinion that can put pressure on Pakistani authorities to address this issue at the earliest. Incidentally, there are atleast 20-25 Hindu girls which are being forced to meet the same fate in the province of Sindh in Pakistan.
To remind the world of these grave violations of human rights and put an end to them, all of must come together. On 24 February, 2013, this sordid tale of Rinkle’s woes would complete exactly one year. HRDI has given a call and in response thereto, worldwide demonstrations are being held to remember and support Rinkle and get her out of the clutches of perpetrators of brutalities on her. Please come and be a part of the campaign to help Rinkle. Be part of the protest being organized in your country and also send protest petition to the Government of Pakistan to ensure safety and security to Hindu girls and women in Pakistan. A demonstration being organized by HRDI at High Commission of Pakistan at New Delhi on 24th Fab. 2014 (Sunday) 11 A.M. to 01 P.M. to remember Rinkle and to protest her captivity.
Human Rights activists would gather at the Parking of Teen Murthy Bhawan, Near Chankaya Puri Police Station and would proceed towards Pakistani High Commission.

Rajesh Gogna, Advocate,
Secretary General ,
Human Rights Defense International,
8, Todermal Lane, Bengali Market, New Delhi-110001.
M– 91 9911222251
L– 91 11 23718929– 23738929

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