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19th March 2013
Today the 19th of March 2013 leading Malaysian Human Rights Advocate P.Waytha Moorthy will enter the tenth day of his Hunger Strike. He has been on a diet of water for these last ten days. His physical condition has noticeably weakened. He has lost 4.5 kgs in body weight. He also has a heart condition, is hypertensive diabetic. He is being monitored closely by a team of volunteer Doctors. His condition is termed stable at this point.
P.Waytha Moorthy is an internationally known and respected human rights defender. He is the founder of HINDRAF, a Human Rights Defender Organization in Malaysia. HINDRAF has been in the forefront of the human rights struggle in Malaysia generally and the human rights struggle of the marginalized Indian minority in Malaysia specifically. He returned to Malaysia from a four and half year exile in the UK last August. Since his return he has been actively engaged in trying to bring the ruling party in the Government and the opposition political coalition to the table for discussion on a plan to correct long standing problem of marginalization of the ethnic Indian minority.
The political class is in denial of the seriousness of the problem and continues to ignore the problem. Having attempted so many initiatives to correct the problems over the last several years and having met with a stonewall in each such endeavor Waytha Moorthy has now decided to embark on this Hunger Strike to move the issue from being a political one to being a more serious issue of national values and morality.
The specific objectives of his Hunger strike are:
• Mr.P.Waytha Moorthy’s Hunger Viratham will focus attention domestically as well as internationally on the fact that the current system of electoral democracy entrenches the process of marginalization of the minority groups in the country by the numerically and economically superior ethnic groups in the country.
• To sensitize the entire Malaysian polity to the problems and issues of the marginalization of the minorities in the country, something which is not as well understood or known because of the images and narratives created by the ruling elite..
• To inform the Malaysian public more widely about Hindraf’s 5 Year Blueprint to bring the marginalized Indian poor into the mainstream of National development and to show it is the forerunner of plans for all marginalized minority communities. The blueprint also seeks the formation of a Minority Affairs Ministry to permanently address the problems of all marginalized communities.
• To inform the Malaysian public that the political class across the entire political divide is united in rejecting this entirely justifiable 5 year Blueprint.
• To bring international pressure on the Government of Malaysia to respond to the human rights demands of the minorities of the country.
• The Hunger Strike is an open ended strike and will continue till Hindraf’s demands to the Government and/or the Government-in-waiting are met. Mr. P. Waytha Moorthy will end his Hunger Viratham when these demands are met.
Hindraf’s specific demands for Mr. Waytha Moorthy to end his Hunger Strike:
1. The Malaysian Government led by Dato Seri Najib Razak must endorse Hindraf’s 5 Year Blueprint in a binding manner to commit to a plan of implementation of all the six proposals in the Blueprint as long as they remain the Government.
2. The Government-in-waiting of the Pakatan Coalition led by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim must endorse the Blueprint in a binding manner and commit to its implementation, should they be forming the next Federal Government.
The support we seek
We seek the support of all individuals and agencies that would like to promote the cause of Universal Human rights to do any of the following which is appropriate:
1) To help us raise the profile of this Hunger Strike to your Parliamentarians, Congressmen, Senators or Senior Political leaders, and to have them take positions of support for Mr. Waytha Moorthy’s cause for the Human Rights of minorities in the country and to have them send in letters to the Malaysian Government calling to address the minority human rights issues.
2) To help raise the profile of this Hunger Strike in the media and to cause embarrassing pressure on the Government of Malaysia. Malaysia must be seen as country run by a racist regime contrary to current conventional images of a model multiracial country.
3) To organize supporting demonstrations in your respective locales to raise the visibility of the issue locally in your respective areas.
4) To get the organization to which you belong or to related Human Rights or Civil Society Organizations that you network with to send in letters of protest to the Government of Malaysia.

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