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HRDI calls for independent probe in War Crimes in Sri Lanka, Pays tribute to Tamil Humanists

HRDI calls for independent probe in War Crimes in Sri Lanka,
Pays tribute to Tamil Humanists

New Delhi: 20th March, 2013

Human Rights Defense International (HRDI) supports the popular demand for an impartial & independent probe by an international body like the United Nations Organization into the genocide that occurred during the final phase of the Civil War in Sri Lanka. No reconciliation is possible if perpetrators of the war crimes continue to hold political and military offices. The authenticity of the war crimes has never been in doubt. The Channel 4 documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields furnished enough material evidence to warrant a full scale investigation. In another sovereign state of the sub-continent viz. Bangladesh a sustained movement is going to bring war criminals & collaborators during 1971 war of liberation to justice. The Tamils in Sri Lanka might have become too powerless to voice such a demand. But in Tamil Nadu, a major state of India, and elsewhere in the world the Tamils are seething with anger at justice denied to Lankan Tamils. It will not be in the interest of India – the motherland of all Tamils in the world- to overlook their demand of such a proportion.

The Government of India has voted in favour of a resolution condemning Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 22, 2012. HRDI urges upon the Indian Government to adopt a just and morally upright stand while voting in the UN Resolution today.

HRDI, as a Human Rights organization, takes this opportunity to pay its tribute to Tamil savants of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) like Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam, Ananda Coomaraswamy and Swami Vipulananda for their wonderful exposition humanism based on Indian thought. Their writings and activities antedated the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). India should not be a party to criminal complicity of denying human rights and dignity to Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan government.

Rajesh Gogna, Advocate,
Secretary General,
Human Rights Defense International ,
8, Todermal Lane, Bengali Market,
New Delhi-110001,
L-+ 91-2371-8929

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