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Ensure security to Hindus in Bangladesh: VHP

Ensure security to Hindus in Bangladesh: VHP
PTI Mar 7, 2013, 04.39AM IST

Bangladesh|Ashok Singhal
KOLKATA: VHP leader Ashok Singhal on Wednesday demanded that the central government ensure security for Hindus living in violence-torn Bangladesh.

Alleging that the government was not doing enough in this regard, Singhal said, “The government should arrange food and temporary lodging for those fleeing to India.”

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Singhal criticized the fundamentalist forces in Bangladesh for perpetuating violence on peace-loving minorities.

Commenting on frequent rapes in India, Singhal blamed the current education system for increase in rapes and corruption in the country.

“The current education system in the country is responsible for the increase in rapes and corruption. Our age old education system has been totally destroyed,” Singhal alleged.

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