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Making a mockery of a sacred Hindu practise

Making a mockery of a sacred Hindu practise
fmt | March 6, 2013
FMT LETTER: From S Param, via e-mail
I fully support and welcome the call by Penang Consumer Association education officer NV Subbarao’s call to Tamil movie fans not to over idolise movie stars.
Pouring of milk over Kamal Hassan’s cut out posters during the release of Vishwaroopam in the theaters does not reflect positively of the Indian community.
It mocks the sacred practice of the Hindus performing milk abhisegam in temples.
This practice of pouring milk on film stars’ cut outs posters by movie fans may be a trend in India but this practice should not be encouraged in Malaysia.
I cannot understand the mentality of the people involved in promoting wasteful practice of this sort
There are millions of very poor people in India who can hardly afford a day’s meal and this practice of pouring of the nutritious milk on film star cut outs is sheer waste and does not reflect well on the community.
Movie fans should instead concentrate their energy on beneficial activities for the community and society at large. The pouring of milk or performing pal abisehgam on a cut out posters of Tamil film actors is not going to help elevate our economic and social status.
In fact if this practice is allowed to continue we will be made a laughing stock in this multiracial society.
Many of us would have been very happy and supportive had these movie fans organised a blood donation drive or some other beneficial activities on the day of the release of the movie Vishwaroopam instead of wasting milk on a giant cut out poster of Kamal Hassan.
Knowing Kamal Hassan for what he stands for, I think he would have been very disturbed and felt insulted to see his fans’ milk pouring stunts on his cut out posters.
Perhaps it’s time, stars like Kamal Hassan step forward to advise their fans to focus their energy on beneficial activities that will reflect positively on them and their fans.

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