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Dreaming of a better life, Pakistani Hindus hope for a home in India

Altamash Hashmi, CNN-IBN | Updated Apr 12, 2013 at 10:05am IST

New Delhi: Pakistani Hindu refugees, who have escaped the country fearing violence are hoping that India will provide them an asylum. They are hoping that their children will get a chance at a better life in India.
Fifteen-year-old Ramkali’s fate has dealt many cruel blows. A refugee from Pakistan, she fled Pakistan’s Hyderabad to give her newborn daughter a chance at a better life. But last week, her daughter died of malnutrition and her death has only convinced Ramkali that she will never return. “I like it here in India. I just want the government to help us bring our rest of the family here,” she said.
There is some respite for these people after the story was first aired by CNN-IBN. Home Ministry sources say these people will not be deported even as their visas have expired.rt @ 40 Lac Book the Dream Home for Your Family

That some news brings some good news for 22-year-old Dharamdas. In just a month since his arrival, he has set a juice corner in a Delhi suburb. He says he is able to make Rs 100 every day from this shop. For him, even this earning is better than facing religious bias in Pakistan. “Our work is going good here and I would just want that the government gives us citizenship,” Dharamdas said.
They don’t want to be called Pakistani citizens. Not yet been embraced by India also, these people are citizens of nowhere, left only with hope that their children will received what they never did – equal opportunity and dignity.

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