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Repreive for Pakistani Hindus, visas extended for a month

In a reprieve to Pakistani Hindus who have sought political asylum in India from the Government, the Home Ministry has extended their visas for a month, before the Government takes a decision on the issue.

About 480 Pakistani Hindus, who entered India through the Rajasthan border to attend the Mahakumbh Mela, were granted visas for a period of one month.

The visas expired on April 8 and their travel documents were extended by a month, a Government official said.

The entire group now wants to stay back in India permanently and has sought political asylum.

After receiving their applications, the Delhi Government has sought the Home Ministry’s direction on how to handle the situation.

“We will consider their applications sympathetically. Since it takes time to take any decision on their appeals, we have extended their visas for a month,” the official said.

So far no decision has been taken on granting political asylum or Indian citizenship to several hundred Pakistani Hindus who had come to India in last few months.

However, none of them were deported or sent back to Pakistan, but their visas have been extended from time to time as authorities were still considering their applications.

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