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Here’s how Pak Hindus are struggling for Indian citizenship!

Here’s how Pak Hindus are struggling for Indian citizenship!

Ambala: They are Pakistani citizens but are living in India since past 17 years. The sad part is that India is not giving them the citizenship and Pakistan is not ready to accept them. The Pakistani Hindus have to go to Pakistan Embassy to get the limit of their visa extended every year. They are the people trapped between the laws of India and Pakistan.

The children who were born in India are adults now and they have to go to Pakistan for their new passport. There are many such Pakistani Hindus in dozens of villages in Ambala who have not been given Indian citizenship even after they have spent 17 years in the country.

Questions can be raised on the Indian government as they have also fulfilled the condition of living in the country for seven years for getting citizenship of India. These 51 people include 30 women who said that they don’t want to go back to Pakistan.

In picture: Pakistani Hindus in DC office for getting the limit of their visa extended.

Several women – Krishna, Sheela Devi, Satyavanti, Seeta Devi, Taaro, Rajni – who came to India in 1996, said that their daughters were kidnapped in Pakistan at night and they were forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man.

This was the reason they left Pakistan. They fled to their relatives in India one by one as their property could also not be sold. They told that Hindu women are accepted in Pakistan but the men are tortured. The people said that they would prefer to live in India than to live in Pakistan in such condition.

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