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BJP to march to Dhaka to protect minorities

The BJP will organise ‘long march to Dhaka’ on Monday next to protest alleged atrocities on religious minorities in Bangladesh. The party has raised five-point demands to ensure safety and defend rights of minority groups in the neighbouring country.

BJP’s Tripura state president Sunil Dasgupta informed on Saturday that hundreds of party workers and supporters would try to breach border at Akhaura in Agartala on March 18. He said central leaders of the party have approved the agitation programme.

“We know we would be prevented at the border, but we cannot remain silent given unending atrocities on minorities specially Hindus in Bangladesh”, Mr. Dasgupta stated.

He gave a detail account of attacks on minority communities and their places of worship across Bangladesh. “The Hindus in Bangladesh have no security and vulnerable to assaults”, he said.

The BJP raised the issue in Lok Sabha and demanded intervention of central government to protect Bangladeshi Hindus.

Minorities had counted 46 per cent in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, at time of partition in 1947 and the figure reduced to 28 per cent in 1970. Hindus now count 10 per cent.

Mr. Dasgupta lambasted major parties like Congress and CPI (M) for keeping a blind eye on the volatile situation in Bangladesh.

BJP demanded stringent action against culprits responsible for atrocities, security and safety of people from minority groups, a separate ministry to look after welfare of minorities, compensation to affected people, reconstruction and protection of religious places in Bangladesh.

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