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Ten Islamists sentenced to death in Bangladesh

A court on Thursday sentenced to death 10 Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) men for the suicide bombing that killed eight people in the outskirt of Dhaka seven years ago.

The operatives of the now-banned JMB bombed the Gazipur Bar Association office near Dhaka in 2005, killing eight people including four lawyers. One JMB member also died.

The sentence will be executed after High Court approval.

Six leaders of JMB, including the outfit’s boss Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Siddique ul-Isalm alias Bangla Bhai, also the accused of abetment in the Gazipur suicide bombing, have earlier been hanged in 2007 for murdering two judges.

The outfit came into the limelight after the countrywide simultaneous bombings in 2005,when they targeted the judges and lawyers across Bangladesh with an objective to replace the existing judicial system by Shariah laws.

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