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Religious Minorities In Pakistan Preferably Immigrating – See more at:

The outcome of a most recent high-profiled; Rimsha Masih’s blasphemy case persists overlooking deteriorating improvised tents pitched close to a Christian cemetery in the capital, is the most obvious manifestation of this relocating trend. These are the ones who fled their homes immediate after the row of false accusations of blasphemy. These displaced Christians have now started to drift back, where most of them economizing out a living either as domestic workers or daily-wagers in the city.

Whereas, the so-called respondent of the commotion, Rimsha is attending school in Canada, as she or her family very unlikely ever to return to her homeland Pakistan again.

Adding to fuel to the fire; Chief Minister Khattak speaking in the provincial assembly last week said that henceforward sanitary worker jobs…cleaning roads, drains and sewers…would only be given to members of religious minorities and scheduled castes. Muslims need not apply thus announcing a dreary fortune for the religious minorities in the province.

However, not overlooking the Muslim minority groups that are being murdered in thousands every year, victims of a sectarian rivalry that shows no sign of fading or much by way of interference by the state to restrain the activities of those who kill with total liberty. The Christian leaders have quite appropriately protested and condemned CM Khattak’s words. At a stroke he has characterized Christians and other religious minorities as second-class citizens of Pakistan- undeserving of anything but the least of unskilled tasks. He cannot take back his words nor will apology ever clarify his tarnished image.

Across the country, Christian doctors, nurses, teachers, civil servants, businessmen and other Christian women will question themselves what might be the criteria for seeking asylum in Canada, or the UK, or Scandinavian countries.
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