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“Globalisation gobbling up people’s rights”

Governments are taking away the people’s right to live in the name of globalisation and the judiciary must work for the good of people, president of AP Civil Liberties Committee S. Seshaiah said here on Saturday.

Development must not take away the rights of the people, Prof. Seshaiah said while regretting that MNCs were destroying people’s lives in the name of creating infrastructure, while inaugurating a seminar on ‘Globalisation against the spirit of Indian Constitution,’ organised by the Indian Association of People’s Lawyers.

The Indian Constitution was framed by including the many democratic rights of people which were brought to the fore during the civic movements and agitations by the middle class in Europe and Russia but the Governments by siding with the wealthy class, investors and MNCs damaged the spirit of the Constitution. Economic development pushed aside the important aspect of the country’s development and people did not want destructive development, Prof. Seshaiah said.

Other speakers too criticised the Governments for diluting the spirit of the Constitution while joining the globalisation bandwagon.

A professor of Andhra University P.D. Satyapal said the Constitution and globalisation could not go together but the governments were continuing to conduct a “circus” of it while the downtrodden sections bearing the brunt of the ill-effects of globalisation.

Harvard trained economists like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh, P. Chidambaram, were running the government and talked about reforms with human face, Prof. Satyapal noted.

Harvard-trained economists like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh, P. Chidambaram, are running the government and talk about reforms with a human face, but the people are not experiencing any development

P.D. Satyapal

Professor, Andhra University

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