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Demonstration to protest the Persecution of the Baha’is in Iran”

Demonstration to protest the Persecution of the Baha’is in Iran”
21st November 2013
Before Iranian Embassy, 4:00 pm onwards
Assembling Point : Modern School, Barakhamba Road at 3:45 pm

Human Rights Defense International is an organisation committed to the cause of Human Rights and is active in the field since 2005. Many dignitaries and distinguished personalities are associated with HRDI.

In the past, we have taken up the issue of Hindus in Pakistan, Bhutanese Refugees, Bhutanese Refugees, Presecution of Religious minorities in Malaysia, Sri Lanka War Crimes, Visa Extension of Taslima Nasrin , presented a legislation on Witch Hunting in India and have lent voice to other various unaddressed issues.

In our events International Labour Organisation, National Human Rights Commission, National Commission of Women, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of External Affairs have given unstinted support to our cause and our programmes have been graced by Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha Ms. Meira Kumar, Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, Judge Supreme Court of India and Mr. Coen Kompier of ILO, amongst others.

Human Rights Defense International, New Delhi, is holding a demonstration to protest the Persecution of the Baha’is in Iran” and to demand release of the 7 Baha’i leaders, unjustly imprisoned since May 2008.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Baha’is have been systematically persecuted as a matter of government policy. During the first decade of this persecution, more than 200 Baha’is were killed or executed, hundreds more were tortured or imprisoned, and tens of thousands lost jobs, access to education, and other rights – all solely because of their religious belief.
Government-led attacks on the country’s largest non-Muslim religious minority have re-intensified in the last decade. Since 2005, more than more than 710 Baha’is have been arrested, and the number of Baha’is in prison has risen from fewer than five to a current figure of 115. The list of prisoners includes all seven members of a former leadership group serving the Baha’i community of Iran. In 2010, the seven were wrongly sentenced to 20 years in prison, which is the longest term currently facing any prisoner of conscience in Iran. The constant threat of raids, arrests, and detention or imprisonment is among the main features of Iran’s persecution of Baha’is today.
Other types of persecution include economic and educational discrimination, strict limits on the right to assemble and worship, and the dissemination of anti-Baha’i propaganda in the government-led news media. Attacks on Baha’is or Baha’i-owned properties go unprosecuted and unpunished, creating a sense of impunity for attackers. Since 2005, for example, there have been at least 49 incidents of arson against Baha’i properties, crimes for which no one has been arrested. During the same period, 42 incidents of vandalism at Baha’i cemeteries have been recorded. As noted recently by a top UN human rights official, the government-led persecution spans “all areas of state activity, from family law provisions to schooling, education, and security.” Put another way: the oppression of Iranian Baha’is extends from cradle to grave.

HRDI along with other Human Rights Activists shall stage a demonstration before the Iranian Embassy on 21st November,4:00 pm onwards. The supporters shall assemble in front of main gate of Modern School, Barakhamba Road at 3;45 p.m. and then proceed to the Iranian Embassy.

We would want you to be a part of this very important protest, to show solidarity and to give support to the people victimized.

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