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Resolution against forced-conversion, marriages approved in Sindh Assembly – See more at:,-marriages-approved-in-Sindh-Assembly

KARACHI: At the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday, members of the opposition and ruling party came together and condemned the incidents of kidnapping and force-marriages of Hindu girls.

Speaking on the occasion Khatu Mal Jeewan (PPP) said, 15 minor girls from Sindh and Punjab have been forced to convert to Islam before being forced into marriage.

A resolution moved by Pakistan Muslim League Functional’s (PMLF) Nand Kumar was unanimously approved, which has recommended the Sindh Government to insure the safe recovery of a 12-year-old Hindu girl kidnapped from Daharki, Sindh. The resolution also seeks the government to ensure law against forced and child-marriages.

– See more at:,-marriages-approved-in-Sindh-Assembly#sthash.Hi7qlFye.dpuf

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