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Togadia again: Says Bangladeshi infiltrators should be sent back, Hindu refugees given citizenship

Pravin Togadia

Pravin Togadia
Express News Service | Kolkata | Posted: November 5, 2014 7:43 pm

Vishwa Hindu Parishad working president Praveen Togadia on Wednesday said Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh should be sent back and Hindu refugees should be given citizenship.

“Any Muslim from Bangladesh is an infiltrator and should be pushed back to Bangladesh and any Hindu from Bangladesh has been persecuted and is a refugee. They should be given Indian citizenship. About 50,000 Hindus have come from Bangladesh who should be given permanent citizenship here and all Hindus should be ensured of food, education, health and employment,” Togadia said at a press conference here.

Togadia said infiltration was a national issue and not isolated in Bengal alone. “Along with Bengal, there are about 3 crore infiltrators in Assam, Delhi and Mumbai. They are using India’s resources and employment,” he said.

Referring to terrorism, he said, “Instead of talking about Bengal alone, we should be worried about security in reference to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Bengal and Kashmir. It is a concern for BJP-ruled states and otherwise. All state governments should work in tandem with the Central government to protect India against cross-border terrorism.”

Calling for all madrasas in West Bengal to be shut down, he said: “It has been proved beyond doubt that madrasas are breeding grounds of terror and they should be shut and people running those should be tried in the court of law. The Hindus who are going to those madrasas could go to other schools.”

“We Hindus are majority in India. We will have a greater say and everyone should respect Hindu views,” he said.

Tagodia also said the Centre needed to act against the economic aggression of China. “Central government must take serious note of the Chinese economic aggression on India which is making millions unemployed and turning several industries defunct,” he said.

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