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Beware Indians: We will shed blood in Kashmir soon, says al-Qaeda magazine

Will shed blood in JK: al-Qaeda magazine

Bangalore, Oct 21: The latest magazine of the al-Qaeda meant only for private circulation has raised issues that come dangerously close to India which is nothing but another cause for concern for the Indian security agencies. Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bangladesh and interestingly China figure in the latest edition of the magazine which runs into 117 pages. The issue pertaining to Bangladesh will generate a lot of interest now since the Burdwan blast probe is circulated around the same issue.

‘Throw Awami League out of Bangladesh’ Like the Jamaat-ul-Bangladesh, Jamaat-ul-Islami, the al-Qaeda chief in the sub continent has demanded that the Awami League must be thrown out of power immediately.

Without mincing any words, the chief of the al-Qaeda in the sub continent — Asim Ummar says that the Awami League is all set to create a Hindu nation in Bangladesh and if one were to see Dhaka it is ironic that so many Hindu God statues are allowed to remain there.

‘Hinduism is the Cancer of Bangladesh’ Umar is quoted to have said that Hinduism is the cancer of Bangladesh and is spreading like a disease. As long as the Awami League is around, this cancer will continue to spread and all Muslim brothers should raise their arms to throw the Awami League out. In fact this is the exact same message that the JMB had proposed to send when it opened up bomb factories in West Bengal in a bid to throw to target the Awami League in Bangladesh. The NIA which is probing the case says that since day one there was a al-qaeda stamp on this mission or else a smaller outfit like the JMB could not have planned such an attack without the blessings of such a large outfit such as the al-Qaeda which is ideologically similar in nature. al-Qaeda eyeing on China

The al-Qaeda magazine then moves to China where it makes it clear that the Islamic Caliphate should be declared in the Xinjiang region. It has declared this region as a Muslim region and said that the occupancy should be reclaimed immediately. Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have pointed out in the past that the al-Qaeda has been showing a great deal of interest in China and has been working alongside the Taliban towards the Islamisation of various Chinese regions. al-Qaeda magazine on Muzaffarnagar riots in UP However, the most vocal points have been made in respect to the Shamili camp for Muslims affected due to the Muzzafarnagar riots. Umar’s association with Uttar Pradesh is very evident in these paragraphs since he quotes regions and events with much precision. He seeks to tell the Muslims in the Shamili refuge camp to raise against the atrocities of the Indian establishment.

“You are being treated like refugees and untouchables in a land which was once your pride. Look back into history and the war in 1857 will show how you fought the British to safeguard Jihad,” Umar says in the magazine.

“You ought to rule like Kings and not live like refugees anymore and hence there is a need to raise arms and restore the pride that you once had,” Umar who is also known as Ustaad Umar further states. al-Qaeda magazine on Kashmir Asim Umar also speaks of Kashmir in this edition and says that the blood that has been shed for the upliftment of the Islamic cause will be felt in Kashmir as well.

“…We are shedding blood to fight in Afghanistan and soon we will do the same in Kashmir as well. The implementation of Sharia will go a long way in this battle and hence we declare the launch of a new unit which will work towards the implementation of the Sharia law,” the magazine further states.


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