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We would always live Avijit Roy

We would always live Avijit Roy

On 26th February, 2015, Avijit Roy was killed by unknown assailants. The assailants not only wanted to kill Mr. Roy but we’re also interested in striking fear in the hearts of those speaking in the voice of reason. With Mr. Roy his wife Rafida Ahmed Banna was also brutally attacked and is fighting for her life.

The murder has arisen because there has been a culture of impunity of Islamist violence in Bangladesh. Today in Bangladesh the forces of radical Islam have gagged the voice of reason and are stifling all those who dare speak against them.

The Bangladeshi government has not taken action against the assailants of Mr. Roy and Ms. Ahmed till date. The assailants are on the lose. The violent extremists have got away allowing them to be successful examples of those wanting to emulate their example.

HRDI condemns the assassination of Mr. Roy and the assault on Ms. Ahmed and demands that the Government of Bangladesh immediately brings their assailants to justice and punish them with the maximum punishment possible so as to make them examples which would deter others.

HRDI also demands that the Bangladeshi government give protection to every body’s freedom of speech and ensure that an atmosphere is created where every one is allowed to exercise their right to freedom of speech without fear or favour.

HRDI also demands that the Government of India and International agencies to warn Government of Bangladesh to ensure protection of life of every person in Bangladesh irrespective of their views.

Rajesh Gogna,
Secretary General,
Human Rights Defense International

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