Our Declaration


WE the GLOBAL citizens and peoples for the cause of Human Rights universally, stand by Declaration on the plights of Hindus in Pakistan:

This Declaration DENOUNCES the grave human loss and ethnic cleansing of one particular community that is of Hindus which have been rampantly going on in the past three decades in Pakistan. The drastic fall in the population by several hundred p.c. is the silent witness of this UNHEARD OF BRUTALITY IN MANKIND.

The Blasphemy laws of Pakistan apart from being inhuman, are vaguely formulated and arbitrarily enforced by the police and judiciary. The most affected have been the Hindus who bravely and fearlessly opted for their stay in the name of the maadar-e-vatan motherland concept during the time of the fateful partition. In place of the care for these real secular and non-partisan minded people of Hindus origin who retained the ageless cultural value of neighbourhood love and understanding even at the cost of their own lives, the situation in Pakistan has been rather adverse. THIS MUST BE STOPPED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Abuse of religious minorities is practiced in many ways such as bringing false charges leading to long periods of arbitrary detention, threats and the use of violence by Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the denial of the access to the system of legal redressal by the JUDICIARY to the victims of abuse is unheard of, more than the situation of the Nazi days Europe. We the signatories demand this to be INSTANTLY CHECKED.

The Government of Pakistan should ensure the abuse of blasphemy laws by strengthening institutional and legal safeguards and MUST MAKE THE ABUSE OF LAW AN OFFENCE.

All reported and unreported acts of violence against the religious minorities should be promptly investigated and all preventive steps MUST be taken to PREVENT THEIR RE-OCCURRENCE.

The government MUST ensure that the minority communities are allowed to run and administer the educational institutions of their own choice and see that there is NO STATE INTERFERENCE is made in the management of these institutions.

The Finance Commission with special aim to serve the needs of the minorities MUST be established and the State should ENSURE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT TO THE PERSONS BELONGING TO RELIGIOUS MINORITIES.

There should be specific reservations for minorities in the educational and other professional institutions and the Constitution of Pakistan should be amended to ensure the PROPORTIONATE REPRESENTATION OF MINORITY COMMUNITIES IN GOVERNMENT JOBS, police / security forces and in all other statutory bodies including the judiciary.

An atmosphere should be created to FACILITATE THE PRACTICE OF TOLERANCE AND THE DIALOGUE amongst the different religious groups.

There is an URGENT NEED TO RESTORE THE FAITH OF THE MINORITIES IN THE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE in Pakistan. It is high time that discrimination on the grounds of religion be stopped not by mere words but by deeds