Our Vision


Indian Diaspora has made a distinctive impact in different parts of the world, where they live by virtue of their loyalty, dedication, hard work and success. Despite their immense contribution, basic human rights of members of Indian Diaspora have many a times been violated. Countries run by military dictatorship, government run on religious base or historical colonial mindset also result in incidents of racial discrimination and human right violation against Indian community members.

There are cases where Indian Diaspora members are being denied the basic human right of equality, social justice and human dignity. They are being constantly discriminated in Caribbean and Gulf countries and various Western nations among others. Their rights to follow religion and language, which are the essential carriers of our culture, have often been denied.

In HRDI, we feel that there is a need to formulate a comprehensive policy on human rights concerns of the Diasporic community members and cultivate an informed interest in it.

There is also a pressing need for the creation of an effective coordinating mechanism for addressing the routine Diaspora affairs and to achieve international consensus on a more rational approach to migration and migrants. Alongside, there is also a need to find a solution to the haunting issues like racism and prejudice being faced by Indian Diaspora.