After Omanisation in Oman and the Nitaqat bill in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is all set to localize its workforce now. What that means for majority of its population, however, is possible unemployment and a return to their home states.
Kuwait is a majority expat nation with 70% of its total population consisting of expats and the other 30% of Kuwaiti nationals. This, according to many lawmakers, is a “demographic imbalance” that the nation needs to fix. In order to do the same, the Kuwait Expat Quota Bill has been doing the rounds in parliament.
This draft bill aims at reducing thecountry’s sizeable expat community by 40% within months of coming into effect. The impact would be a reversal of the current 70:30 ratio. The Bill has already gone through the Legal and Legislative Committee of the National Assembly which has held it to be constitutional


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