Support us

Working with us, will give you the pleasure, to serve the mankind.

As an Individual, Company or Organisation you can support HRDI in the following ways :

  • Cause Related Promotions: Your company can leverage a co-branded cause related promotional strategy.
  • Sponsoring our Events: You can sponsor our events as a Partner.
  • Nominal Monthly Contributions: With your organisation, you & your employees can donate a nominal amount from their salary to HRDI every month.
  • Fund a Project: Your organisation can fund a full HRDI projects and Programmes.
  • Sending e-Greetings to clients/customers/employees during the festive season quoting our Name & Logo.
  • Giving Links of our Website in your company/individual website, Blog or Community.
  • Joining or following our communities and groups on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Writing an article on our works, or sharing an article with us supporting our cause.
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