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Police torture of a Dalit family at their residence

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information from MASUM, concerning the case of midnight house raid conducted by the police in a Dalit family. The officers forced into the house, tortured and assaulted the family members and took into custody Mr. Dulal Sarkar, and have charged him of false cases. It is reported that the police undertook this heinous act to wreck political vengeance against the victim family at the behest of the ruling political party. It is also reported that the police, in order to cover up their deeds have fabricated records to show that the victim was arrested from a different place than his house. The police have also arrested two more person in similar manner on the same day, Mr. Prafulla Sarkar and Mr. Kalipada Durani.



The fact-finding report by MASUM provides the following facts. On 11 January at about 11 pm about nine police officers including Mr. Bahar Ali, Sub-Inspector of Police Berhampore Police Station and Mr. Shyamaprosad Saha, the Officer-in-Charge and Mr. Kajisaheb, the Second Officer at Jalangi Police Station forcibly entered the house of the victim, Mr. Dulal Sarkar, by breaking open the door of the house. The officers arrested Sarkar and started assaulting him.

The police tied Dulal with a rope and dragged him on the ground with force. Dulal’s wife Ms. Parbati Sarkar, tried to intervene to save her husband from the police. But the officers abused her using filthy language and assaulted her with a wooden stick, fisted and kicked her. There were no female police officers in the police team.

The police then destroyed household articles kept inside the house. Then the police moved to the house of Mr. Prafulla Sarkar, son of Bhasaram Sarkar and Mr. Kalipada Durani, son of Late Balaram Durani and assaulted them brutally at their home. There too the police destroyed household articles. Then the police personnel brought Dulal, Prafulla and Kalipada to Berhampore Police Station and later produced them before the local magistrate after implicating them in a criminal case, vide Berhampore Police Station Case no. 1351/2011 dated 23 November 2011, registered under sections 399 and 402 of the Indian Penal Code and also under sections 25 and 28 of the Indian Arms Act.

At the time of arrest, the police did not disclose any reason for the arrest. It is further revealed that the police also manufactured records showing different place and time of the arrest in order to suppress their misdeeds.

Mr. Govinda Sarkar, the elder brother Dulal, lodged a written compliant before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad regarding the incident of police torture upon the victims. But till date there has been neither any enquiry nor action taken by the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad over the complaint. Parbati Sarkar, Dulal’s wife who had suffered injuries as a result of the assault is receiving medical treatment at the moment.

It is also revealed in the fact-finding that the victims are poor and that they are daily wage earners. It is reported that that the victims were falsely implicated in the criminal case out of political vendetta.


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