Our Vision, Our Mission
  • To work actively for the creation of awareness in all sections of society on issues relating to all aspects of human rights. 
  • To be an effective instrument for the promotion of national and international peace, solidarity & co-operation among people at the global level transcending partisan considerations of race, gender, language, religion or nationality. 
  • To promote sustainable development to protect the human rights of tribal’s, hill people and other marginalized sections. 
  • To protect the rights of Indians, and people of Indian origin, abroad. Programme and Activities:  The HRDI shall undertake the following programmes and activities: Organize lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, etc. on important issues relating to Human Rights.
  • Launch awareness campaigns on sexual abuse, substance abuse, spread of education, atrocities and women and children. 
    Hold active programmes on human rights and rights of women and children, on inclusive social growth and sustainable development. 
    Collaborate and hold joint programmes with other local, regional, national and international NGOs with compatible aims and objectives.
  • Promote the purposes and principles of the United Nations and its agencies; promote the aims, objectives and principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Inculcate the belief among all that human begins are born free and have equal right to dignity and therefore should live together in the spirit of brotherhood and equality.
  • Create an environment for the recognition and respect for Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms and create awareness among individual, groups and associations that such rights and freedoms also entail the required duties and responsibilities.
  • Provide an effective and forceful voice and defense, by all legal and peaceful means, against any kind of oppression, victimization, discrimination and abuse of human rights based on factors like religion, caste, political belief, gender, age etc.
  • Make comprehensive efforts to create an all round awareness of all issues impinging on all aspects of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Such issues may include all or any of items like poverty alleviation, corruption eradication, food security, environment protection, rural development, land reforms, right to education, peace, security and disarmament, gender, equality, public health, access to clean drinking water, rights of women, children, youth and student, elderly.
  • Perform all activities as are required or conducive to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the organization.