About us

In HRDI, we firmly believe that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We are also aware of the fact that despite different measures taken by the Government and non Government institutions, severe violations of human’s rights are resulting into victimization of human rights of individuals and various religious and ethnic groups. Those individuals and groups are forced to live in the margin of their respective societies, in absence of any support from media, human rights organisations, government agencies and the general public.

We are also convinced that there is crucial links between human rights violations, poverty, exclusion, vulnerability and conflict and the vital role human rights organisations play in mobilising social change; transforming state-society relations; removing the barriers faced by the poor in accessing services; and providing the basis for the integrity of information services and justice systems needed for the emergence of a social order based on equality and justness.

We acknowledge that Human rights empower citizens and strengthen and underpin accountability mechanisms: people can hold their governments to account through appropriate mechanisms for redress. They are a vital means to curb abuses of power and elite capture.

Human Rights Defense (India) since its inception in the year 2005 has organised symposiums, protest march and demonstrations to highlight the violations of Human rights of individual and voiceless and defenceless minorities in India and abroad. We have also presented protest-petitions and intervention papers to the Government of India with regard to issues like, Female Foeticide, Child- wife rape laws, freedom of religion, secularism. We have also organised events in association with international human rights organisations.

HRDI is committed to the idea of secularism and vows to stand by any person or group whose human rights are violated by States and fanatics.