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Uttar Pradesh govt mulls office to tackle migrants’ problems

Uttar Pradesh govt mulls office to tackle migrants’ problems

Pervez Iqbal Siddiqui, TNN Jun 8, 2012, 05.18AM IST

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh government has proposed setting up of a full-fledged office in Lucknow to handle the needs of the poor families who have their bread earners working abroad, mostly in the unorganised sector.

As per the statistics of the standing committee report of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (2006-2007), Uttar Pradesh figures among the top five states in terms of people going abroad for work. Akhilesh, as an MP, had gone through this report after it was tabled in the Lok Sabhaon March 19, 2007.

As per the statistics, an estimated 4.5 million Indians were working abroad (by 2007) with an increase of around 5 lakh per year mainly to 19 countries abroad including the Middle-East and Gulf countries. Their annual remittances into India then were estimated at $12-15 billion. In the absence of any equally comprehensive study on the issue in the recent past, the actual corresponding statistics on date is not available, but sources estimate an increase of at least 25% in count of such people and the remittances into India at conservative levels.

Sources say that the Ministry of External Affairs issues regular advisories on details of countries/recruiting services abroad, which have not lived up to the promises that the employee was assured at the time of recruitment. The MEA has recently issued a list of over 300 recruiting services spread across 17 countries – mostly in Gulf – who have failed to clear the standards of the service they had offered. Once the proposed office comes up, people in Uttar Pradesh will be able to confirm, if the recruiting company hiring is dependable or not.

Also there are times when an Indian dies in a foreign land and their family in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh is neither aware, nor literate or financially strong to go to Delhi and pursue their case with the MEA. There have been instances in the past, where it took foreign authorities months to dispatch the dead bodies of such Indians in the absence of any response from the Indian authorities at the government level.

“Such a set-up will comes as the much needed help that these poor, illiterate and uneducated families have been looking for since past few decades,” said SP MLC and party’s state spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary.

He said that idea of setting up such a facility is underway and the process will gain momentum in the near future.

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