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Report of recent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

I don’t understand how should be introduced. I cannot explain you how terribly the Hindus in Bangladesh are being tortured. Hundreds of Hindu houses, business shops, temples are being looted, vandalized and burnt. It is still continuing. Hours after Jamaat top leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced to death, Jamaat and Shibir activists set fire to a temple and houses of Hindu community at different parts of Noakhali district on Thursday. Well, that was just a starting. Same incidents have occurred in many other places on that day and on the following days.

I am providing you a short list of incidents:

In Banshkhali upazilla 12 Hindu houses and 3 temples vandalized. A priest of a temple was killed there.
In Satkania upazilla 8 Hindu houses and a Buddhist temple vandalized.
In Chittagong city on Chatteshwari Temple road a number of Hindu owned business shops are looted and vandalized.

Cox’s Bazar:
In Kutubdia and Maheshkhali upazilla a number of temples have been vandalized.
In Maheshkhali upazilla at the village of Padmapukurparh many Hindu houses have been vandalized and looted.

In Begumganj upazilla at Rajganj village houses of 3 joint Hindu family including 45 rooms are looted and totally burnt to ashes. 9 other houses have been looted and vandalized.
5 temples including Rajganj Bazar Kali Mandir, West Kalitala Mandir, ManasaMandir and Hariseva Ashram have been attacked and vandalized.

In Central upazilla at Chandraganj bazar Hindu owned 5 Jewelery and a grocery shop have been looted. A Hindu festival of Dalalbazar was attacked.
In Raypur upazilla at Gaiyarchar village a Hindu temple and two Hindu Ashram have been set on fire.

In Morelganj upazilla a Hindu temple Sarvajanin Puja Mandap at Singjorh Gopalpur village has been vandalized.
Dumuria Sharbajaneen temple in the Ramchandrapur Union has been set on fire today.
On Thursday night, miscreants vandalised a Hindu temple at Pingjour village at Chingrekhali union in the same upazila.

In Sudarganj at Belka village 35 Hindu houses have been looted and burnt.
In another village Basandanga, 6 houses and some shops of Hindus have been looted and vandalized.

In Kanaighat upazilla at the marketplace of Gachhbari village shops of Hindus have been looted and vandalized.
In Fensuganj same incidents took place.

In Barhalekha at Jurhibazar some business shops of local Hindu leaders havebeen vandalized.

In Bahubal upazilla A 22 year Hindu girl Anamika Datta, a school teacher, has been kidnapped.

In Central upazilla at Garheya village 10 Hindu houses have been looted andvandalized.

Chanpai Nababganj:
Many Hindu business shops and enterprises have been attacked and vandalized.
Temples vandalized in Kansat.

In Abader Haat area 2 Hindu houses have been attacked and looted.
In Shyamnagar upazilla the house of Sadhucharan Mandal has been vandalized.

In Panchbibi upazilla 3 Hindu houses have been attacked, vandalized and looted.

Deities of a temple at central upazilla have been vandalized.

Hindu temple at Nalcira union at Gauranadi upazila of Barisal was set on fire in the early hours of Saturday.

In Mithapukur Central Kali Mandir, a Hindu temple has been burnt.

3 Hindu owned business shops have been burnt to ashes.

A Hindu family consisting a mother and her three daughters is under threat to be killed or leave their birth land. Local leader, Farukh Khan with his goons has already forcefully taken some land including the family graveyard of that family. Today other potion of the land including their house is expected to be occupied forcefully. That family cried to me for help.
I am providing here few English news links. Bengali newspapers are casting more elaborate news. Although most of the incidents are not published in media.

This is a very short list and many incidents are not reached to us. We will never know how many women and girls are raped. Many secret black chapters will never take place in history. Hundreds of Hindus at Noakhali, Banshkhali are living under open sky. No shelter, foods, clothes are available for them. Government is doing about nothing for them.

The Islamic fundamentalist groups target to kill or convert or drive away all Hindus from Bangladesh to establish their dreamed ‘Islamic Bangladesh’.
They are really performing good for their mission.

We don’t know what to do, where to go, how to live, how to save our families.

Please save us. Please.


Manik Rakshit

Human Rights Officer
Bangladesh Minority Watch

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