Hindus being a voiceless and defenseless religious minority in Pakistan is facing the crisis of existence. The systematic marginalization of the Hindus in Pakistan by the Government and the Non- Government agencies has forced the Hindus in Pakistan to either convert to Islam or escape to places where they can live with faith and dignity.

A group of 145 Hindus were forced to come to India to avoid religious conversion and threat of ethnic cleansing by Talibani’s who are now concentrating on Sindh Province as the Sindh Province accommodates almost 90% of the Hindu population in Pakistan. Now, those 145 HinduRefugees are being tortured by state agencies and are being compelled to go back to Pakistan and live with a community which exists to ensure the end of Hindus in Pakistan.

The tragedy of partition in 1947 is now being repeated in Pakistan and unfortunately, the Hindus, who are the victims of Taliban savagery are suffering in silence in Delhi and are not been noticed or taken care of by Hindu community in Delhi.

This group of 145 Hindu refugees from Pakistan consists of 30 children of less than 10 years of age, more than 50 women and 55 men. All of them are just lying on the road and are exposed to this icywintertime.

We strongly condemned this act of the State of India and we stand by our brothers and sisters to provide them necessary food, shelter, clothing and medical care. We also commit ourselves to provide them education and vocational training. We also commit ourselves to stand by them to ensure that their Visas are extended and they are granted citizenship in due course.

A team of two Human Right officers of (HRDI) i.e. Mr. VaibhavAnandandMs.KanikaKapoor visited the site of Dera Baba Dhuni Das situated at Majnu- Ka- Tilla near red light crossing & Gurudwara and have reported that there is an urgent need to extend the helping hand to this victimized group. The team of HRDI has identified the following urgent steps to be taken for the existence and survival of the most suffered and unnoticed religious minority group in the world.

1. FOOD: This group of 145 Hindu refugees from Pakistan have no resources of their own and are at the verge of starvation. It is extremely difficult for them to keep the body and soul together.

Those who survived Taliban and establishment of Pakistan may end their life for want of food in the land of their faith i.e. DHARAMBHOOMI.

As per the assessment of the team of HRDI there is a running expenses of Rs.10,000/- per day to provide food to this group of 145 Hindu refugees.

2. SHELTER:This group of 145 Hindus Refugees are virtually lying on the road and living under the open sky realizing the urgent need to provide shelter to them, HRDI, out of its meagre resources, have installed 5 tents accommodating 60 Hindu refugees. HRDI is looking for donors for another 10 tents so that all the Hindu refugees are at least provided shelter.

The cost of each tent is 7,500/- excluding VAT. An amount of Rs. 1,12,500/- is required for this purpose.

3. CLEAN TOILETS: The members of the group are living in most inhuman condition and 145 members are using single toilet that too covered by sheet.

There is an urgent requirement for at least ten portable toilets at the Hindu Refugee camp.

An amount of Rs. 50000/- is urgently required for this purpose.

4. KITCHEN: The group is cooking food in the open and this may expose numbers of the group to serious medical complications.

-There is an urgent requirement of a good hygienic kitchen with all necessary facilities to ensure clean and hygienic food to the members of the group.

An amount of Rs.100000/- to construct kitchen, provide furnaces, utensil’s etc.

5. BED AND MATTRESSES: An amount of Rs.1,000/- for each Hindu refugee is required to provide bed and mattresses to all of them. Already some Hindu organizations have provided blanket and winter clothing to them but anamount of Rs. 50,000/- is urgently required to provide bed rolls, blanket and mattresses to them.

6. EDUCATION: It is surprising that not even a single person of the group is educated. When our officers enquired from the group they insisted that they want to be educated.

There is an urgent requirement that a teacher should be deputed to provide elementary education to the group as a whole and should be further ensured that all the children of school going age should be accommodated in the nearby schools.

An amount of Rs.10,000/- per month is required to provide teacher, blackboard, stationery and other materials to Hindu Refugees.

7. MEDICAL ROOM: There is an urgent requirement to establish a medical room at the Hindu Refugee camp. It requires anExamination Table, ECG, Blood Pressure Machine, Doctors Table, First Aid Kit,Medicines and other necessary equipment’s.

A trained medical staff should be deputed on regular basis and thedoctor should also visit the refugee camp at regular intervals.

An amount of Rs.75,000/- is required for establishing a medical room and running expenses of 10,000/- per month is required for providing trained medical staff and regular visit of qualified doctors.

8. COUNSELLING: This group has suffered the worst cruelties in Pakistan. They were living in the fear of elimination because of their commitment towards their faith.

The cruelties suffered by this group had an immense impact of their psychology as an individual andgroup.

The group has suffered worst kind of torture and is expected to suffer it further because of the insensitive and inhuman attitude of the Indian agencies.

There is an urgent need of a team of highly skilled torture medicine counsellors should visit the camp and conduct counselling sessions, a comprehensive case study of the group and suggest the ways and means to re-habilitate the group.

An amount of Rs.20,000/- per month is required for this purpose.

9. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: The members of group examined by the Officers of HRDI are the victims of faith. Their basic human right of freedom of religion was denied to them as a matter of State Policy.

They have starved for religion and religious education since decades. Our officers feel that the systematic education of Hindu Religion should be imparted to the group.

10. VOCATIONAL TRAINING; The group consists of 30 healthy male members and equal numbers of female members. All of them who were working as bounded labours and do not have any skill to survive in Delhi (India).

There is an urgent need that the members of the group should be trained in different vacations such as candle making, sewing, papad making to facilitate them to be self-sufficient to earn their livelihood.

An amount of Rs.10,000/- is required for vocational training.

HRDI had adopted this group as a challenge and calls upon all concerned to to support HRDI to provide respectability, dignity and shelter to this group of Hindu Refugees.

You may send donations in the name of Human Right Defense (India) or sponsor any of the above mentioned requirements.

We, alongwith our brothers and sisters suffering in the camp most eagerly wait for your response.

We trust you will respond.

Rajesh Gogna,

General Secretary,

Human Rights Defense (India)


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